From Hannah C.

Dr. Sewall,

I was in your Intro to Poetry class last fall at Oakton. I was thinking about your class today, and I wanted let you know how much it changed how I read literature--and poetry particularly. I'm now at the University of Iowa (Big Ten, with a great English program . . . and the Writer's Workshop). I've declared my English major and am getting amazing feedback from my professors. I do not think I would have been ready for this (they take literary theory very seriously) without the practical but sensitive way that you encouraged us to approach poetry. I'm attempting to tackle Whitman at the moment (trickier than I thought it would be), and in the back of my mind I keep hearing you saying "talk about the poem in its own words"; it makes me smile. I wanted to thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate it.

Cheers, Hannah C.