Music Rewards for Donations Under (or over) $25

Here's a sample of music from DJ 100 Year Old Man, a DJ almost before there were DJ's. 

Songs here are listed not by artist or title but by where they come from. 
Most of this music is off the beaten track. But it's for real. Full playlist is here
It begins with rapper DA Smart's 2006 tour of gang violence in Chicago, he is one brilliant guy. 
Others like him in Chicago should be heard.
One calls himself Buk of Psychodrama. He's Superserious.
He says that what he sees going on in Chicago will all make sense in a minute
He thinks fast. Can you stay with him? The visual shifts in perspective are useful clues.  
OK, back to the playlist. It covers the range of the 100 Year Old Man's music archive.
And he can make one especially for you. Buck a song. Just tell him what you like. 
It will be hard to find music curated just for you. Guaranteed.
Make your donation with your email and preferences at our GoFundMe 
and you'll get a playlist of musical surprises that will bend your ear.


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