ReCap Goals for 1998

15th District ReCAPS Policing Convention - August 23, 1997

1997-98 ReCAPS Goals

One-year goals. By August, 1998 Austin residents will see:

  • LESS DRUG DEALING. A substantial reduction in 15th District gang and drug activities as measured by a consensus of 15th District Police and Austin residents
  • FEWER DRUG HOUSES. A substantial reduction in the 50 or so drug houses that are openly operating in the Austin district.
  • LESS POLICE HARASSMENT AND MORE TRUST IN POLICE. Substantial progress towards Commander Richardson's goal of "restoring faith" in 15th District police as acknowledged by police and Austin residents alike, particularly Austin youth.

Objectives to reach one-year goals.

  1. Tangible objectives. Launch a highly-publicized program to identify, publicly shame, and close down 75 Austin drug houses and street corner drug sale areas within next the 12 months.
  2. Citizen/Police cooperation. Create a new Covenant between Austin residents and 15th District Police. Create an Alliance of Community and Crime watch groups and 15th District Police.
  3. Response Time to Citizen Calls. Improve response time to citizen calls to 911 emergency, 746-6000 non-emergency, 1-800-CRACK44, 15th District 312-746-8300, 15th Dist. CAPS 312-746-6761.
  4. Police/Youth Relations. Improve youth/police relations by creating a 15th District Youth Advisory Council at which Commander Richardson will personally listen to the concerns of Austin Youth on a monthly basis.
  5. Sensitivity training. Implement sensitivity training for police officers and include citizens in the process of monitoring training effectiveness.
  6. 15th District officer attendance at CAPS Beat meetings. Secure regular attendance at Beat meetings by appropriate police officers.
  7. CPD/Cellular One BeatLink program. Implement this program, whereby citizens can leave a message for their Beat officers by dialing 312-208-9800.
  8. Notice for public meetings. Ensure at least one-week's publicized advance notice of meetings held by Chicago Police/City of Chicago.
  9. Citizen participation in performance review of 15th District officers. Solicit public input as to poor/high performance and give citizens a formal vote in the review process (Comdr. Richardson "hopes" to interview all 300 15th District officers (Sun-Times, 1/11/97).
  10. CAPS effectiveness and Performance Reviews. Ensure that CAPS has weight in performance reviews.
  11. Beat integrity. Maintain Beat integrity with long term (e.g. 1 year) officer assignments to a each Beat.
  12. Foot Patrols. Since they are a mainstay of community policing, increase number of foot patrols in the Austin district.
  13. Ride-Alongs. Arrange for civilians to ride-along in on-duty squads.
  14. Open a West Side OPS Satellite Office to facilitate civilian complaints and civilian review of their complaints; also establish procedures for monitoring investigation and action on reports.

15th District ReCAPS Community Policing Convention

Qualifications for "New Breed" of Beat Facilitators

Facilitators are required to

  1. Live in the Beat they represent
  2. Hold monthly Beat meetings and encourage residents to speak up and speak out at them
  3. Keep a record of major Beat meeting concerns and take these concerns to the District Advisory Council
  4. Publicize monthly Beat meetings via flyers and THE AUSTIN VOICE CAPS calendar and/or other local publications
  5. Communicate major Beat meeting concerns to 15th District residents via THE AUSTIN VOICE and WVON radio and/or other media popular with Austin residents.

    It is recommended that facilitators

  6. Keep a log of crime complaints and police and citizen patrols in their Beat area
  7. From time to time, ride squad cars with on-duty police officers (4 hour shifts)
  8. Keep a log of complaints of police harassment of youth and pass them on to the 15th District Youth Advisory Council, District Commander, District Advisory Council, and OPS/IAD.
  9. Recruit members for Court Advocacy and other CAPS subcommittees

Announcing: Multimedia Convention and CAPS Coverage!

  1. NEWSPAPER. Beat-by-beat community policing coverage in every issue of THE AUSTIN VOICE. The VOICE
  2. TELEVISION. A three-hour Chicago Cable TV conference telecast will air on Chicago Cable TV within two weeks, probably on a Saturday afternoon.
    The convention be set up as a true convention
    , with a mix of grassroots trappings and with flags and bunting to give a patriotic look. Austin residents will be able to meet their neighbors by sitting one of nine Beat areas identified by tall signs like those in major poltical conventions.
  3. RADIO. Ongoing pre- and post-Convention coverage coverage with radio commentator and Convention moderator Clif Kelley on WVON 1450 AM and WGCI 1390-AM. The coverage began July 9 and 10 when Austin residents and Austin Voice Editor Brad Cummings spoke out on Clif's WVON talk show. Clif's morning talk shows will be the radio home for the developments concerning the new CAPS in the 15th District.
  4. INTERNET. Home Page: http:/