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The Mearday Affair

The Jeremiah Mearday police brutality case has taken a surprising turn. On March 12, the Chicago Police Board fired two Chicago police officers accused of beating Mearday last September, saying the officer's account of the incident was ``simply unbelievable.'' One week later, on March 19, Mearday was arrested at his home after a scuffle with several police officers and charged with one could of drug possession and three counts of aggravated battery to a police officer. On this page CCMP will transmit information that is not readily accessible in mainstream media.

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Emergency Community Mobilization
7:00 p.m., Sunday, March 22
New Mount Pilgrim M.B. Church
4301 W. Washington St.

In a blatant act of retribution, Thursday afternoon three plainclothes
tactical officers dragged Jeremiah Mearday from his front porch, assaulted
him, hauled him into jail, and then planted drugs in his shoe after they strip
searched him at the 25th District, the same police station that Comito and
Thiel originated from.

In the latest act of terror and intimidation, late Friday afternoon white
police officers served Jeremiah's neighbors with subpoenas to appear Monday
morning before a Cook County grand jury, or face jail time, a strategy clearly
designed to expand the police department's reign of terror and intimidation of
the Mearday family to encompass the entire community.
The Chicago police department has sent a clear message to the people of this
city -- they are above the law, and will abuse, mistreat, assault and attack
local residents with impunity.
Join concerned neighbors and friends at an emergency community meeting to
discuss strategies and next steps.