1994-1997 CENter citywide education news service

Chicago Education Network (CENter). This group of educators, working at Roosevelt University, spent six months planning and developing an integrated network of public, community, online and mainstream Chicago media that would inform and engage Chicago parents, students, teachers and taxpayers in the shaping of Chicago's future as a City That Educates.
  • Served as Board member, staff member.
  • Helped develop CENter mission statement
  • Proposed that CENter model its multimedia education programming ambitiously: on models already developed by ESPN (for sports) and Bloomberg (for financial news).
  • Developed NewsCENter formats for
    • TV 
    • Newspaper
      • Made substantial progress toward crea consortium of 16 Chicago community newspapers that would agree to carry CENter-produced education news and information reaching 775,000 readers in all 77 Chicago neighborhoods.
      • Secured newspaper coverage of CENter activities in local newspapers
    • Radio
      • Proposed creation of CENter network of radio talk shows, public radio, and radio newscasts
      • Developed formats for radio talk shows and public radio
    • Internet
      • Proposed Chicago Civic Media website as a model for a CENter website.
1994 - 1996 Chicago Education Network (CENter). Developed many materials for and with CENterAdditional NewsCENter Media Coverage