YRD FAQ: No Frills Youth Resource Directory

What might a serviceable Youth Resource Directory look like?
  • It could be
    • a Google site, with a main home page linking to 77 pages, one for each of Chicago's 77 neighborhood areas.
      • The main home page would have at least three search windows to enable searches by
        • Neighborhood area
        • Type of resource desired
        • Name of organization providing resource
    • Alternatively, it could be a digital download in the format of an e-book or an e-magazine.
What would a serviceable Directory do for Chicagoans and their newsmedia?
  • It would be available cost free to all Chicagoans (including members of Chicago's media)
  • It would link Chicagoans to approximately 4560 existing youth resources that are now available to them in their neighborhoods (an average of 60 resources in each of 77 neighborhoods).
  • It would enable news reporters to quickly identify and promote to their audiences youth resources specific to the topic and the neighborhood of a given story (crime story).
    • This Directory is an essential component of CCM's Full Story project to encourage newmedia to supplement their coverage of crime stories with information (drawn from out Directory) about resources that Chicagoans can use to reduce youth violence in their neighborhoods.
Who would create this Directory?

Primary responsibility for creating each neighborhood Directory would lie within each of the city's 77 neighborhoods. CCM's role would be identify, connect with and support working partners in each neighborhood.
How long would it take to create this Directory?
Given CCM's limited manpower at present, I suggest we think of completing the Directory in two phases, with separate completion deadlines for each phase
  1. Phase I: Directories completed Chicago's ten highest risk neighborhoods. See right hand column for details.
  2. Phase II: Directories completed for the remaining 66 neighborhoods.
    1. This might be a six to nine month process, to be planned and initiated as Phase I approaches completion.