2015 The AUSTIN YOUTH SUMMIT: prime-time TV to improve community/police relations in Chicago

Chicago Civic Media is proud to propose the Austin Youth Summit (AYS), an entirely new, problem-solving, citizen-participatory use of prime-time TV. In the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting, community-based AYS will serve not only Austin but all of Chicago as well. Because community/police relations is community problem requiring solutions that develop from with a community, Austin - one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago - will serve as a demonstration venue in the development of a template that any neighborhood can use to solve a problem that has defied all prior solutions in Chicago and, increasingly, nationwide.

AYS will be governed by a single, unshakeable premise: that community/police IS a solvable problem. It is one for which the vast majority of community members and police both deeply desire a solution. Carefully structured to facilitate reasoned dialogue among all members of the Austin community, AYS from one month to the next will advance a search for solutions which by the end of the year will have substantially improved community/police relations in several measurable ways that police and community members alike have agreed on.

Outline of the TV show's cyclical problem-solving structure. It's a structure for identifying, defining, developing, vetting prioritizing, approving (by citizen vote), implementing and evaluating solutions.
  • Other docs to follow
    • Formal Proposal
    • Pitch for show
    • First year budget
    • Groundrules for show


AYS endorsers include:
  • 8th District State Representative La Shawn K Ford
  • Voice newspapers, serving Austin since 1988