2014 ACCORD - Austin Comprehensive Community Organizational Resource Directory

This project took shape in the summer of 2014 during meetings of the Parents' Political University in Austin.
  • Problem: Early PPU meetings soon had us talking about the INFORMATION BOTTLENECK, as one Austin resident called it, that fosters ignorance of all kinds of useful programs and resources that are available in Austin. Solution: a comprehensive community resource directory available for young people and for adults.
  • Two page argument for an Austin Comprehensive Community Resource Directory (ACCORD)
    • ACCORD would have two versions: one for young people and one for adults
    • ACCORD would be available in print and online versions, with an App making it available to users of cell phones and tablets as well.
  • First Draft of categories for the youth versions of ACCORD 
  • Sep 3 draft proposal (nine pages) for ACCORD
  • Agenda for Sep 30 ACCORD planning meeting at the Austin Voice