1995 LSC high school student rep School Communications Bill (SCB)

This project was conducted under the auspices of the Citizens Information Service, which in 1995 created a group of student-elected LSC students reps from all 72 high schools in 1995. The group met regularly for almost a year, as I recall, and averaged about 30 students per meeting.

At the time, many student LSC reps complained at group meetings about being underinformed by staff at their schools. Some we ignored at LSC meeting, a few were allowed to speak.

"How It Can Be Done" Instructional Flyer outlining the 8-step process by which students can create a School Communications Bill in their school.

Five pages: Copy with interview questions answers and tabulations that led to the LSC Student Rep School Communications Bill developed by five LSC student reps on the basis of interviews with a total of 52 LSC students reps.