1989 "Get out the vote for LSC elections" Sun-Times Supplement

On September 22, 1989 400,000 copies of a 20-page special Chicago Sun-Times supplement appeared as an insert in the Friday edition of the paper, some three weeks before the historic first LSC elections of October 11 and 12. See all 20 pages in the right column 

After the elections, the supplement was widely credited with driving a turnout of 312,000 voters and the nominations of 17,000 LSC candidates.  Since 1989, LSC voter turnouts and candidate nominations have plummeted. This April 6, 1999 Sun-Times graphic shows the decline of LSC candidates in LSC elections from 1989 to 1998: 
You may ask: given the striking success of the first Sun-Times LSC Election supplement, why haven't similar supplements appeared since 1989? Short answer: it's been the absence of Chicagoans from the leadership of both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Public Schools from 1989 to the present day.  

The Sun-Times supplement has an interesting backstory. There would have been no supplement without the publication weeks earlier by the Chicago Tribune of a 40-page special supplement for the 1989 Kemper Western Open golf tournament. At that time, both Chicago newspapers had been relegating coverage of the upcoming LSC elections to the back pages of their papers. Frustrated by this neglect of a historic citywide event, two school reform volunteers - Gordon Berry and Steve Sewall - secured 30 minutes with Sun-Times Publisher Charles Price present him with the idea for the supplement. In Price's office, they showed him a copy of the Tribune's golf supplement and stressed the benefits both to Chicago's schools and to the Sun-Times itself of the LSC Election supplement. On the spot Price offered not only to produce the supplement but to underwrite its $10,000 printing and distribution cost.
Attractively designed and produced by Sun-Times education editor Linda Lenz with extensive input from from school reform groups, the Supplement featured lists of training organizations for LSC members, Nomination Forms for people interested in running for their local LSC, names of contact people and addresses of all schools where elections would be held.

List of Requests for additional copies of the LSC Election supplement came from many groups:

Letter of Acknowledgement from Sun-Times Publisher Charles Price

1993 Letter of Introduction to Sun-Times President Dennis Britton by Citizens Schools Committee President Gordon Berry.

Supplement Contents

Page 2 - Chicago Public Schools Page
Page 3 - News Stories
Page 4 - News Stories
Page 5 - News Stories
Page 6 - Commentary
Page 7 - Commentary
Page 8 - 12 Chicagoans on the Imporance of the LSC Elections
Page 9 - Answers to Your Questions: Who, What, When, Where, How
Pages 10 and 11 - LSC Candidate Nomination Form and Questionnaire
Page 12 - List of LSC Training Organizations
Page 13 - List of Schools Where Councils Will Be Elected - 1
Page 14 - List of Schools Where Councils Will Be Elected - 2
Page 15 - List of Schools Where Councils Will Be Elected - 3
Page 16 - List of Schools Where Councils Will Be Elected - 4
Page 17 - Chicago Sun-Times Ad
Page 18 - Citizens Schools Committee Ad
Page 19 - Chicago Public Schools Ad
Page 20 - Leadership for Quality Education Ad