1988 "Get out the vote for LSC elections" Sun-Times Supplement

Sep 22 1988  Sun-Times "Get Out the Vote" Supplement

On September 22, 400,000 copies of this 20-page special Sun-Times supplement appeared as inserts into the Friday edition of the Chicago newspaper. Timed to appear several weeks before the first historic LSC elections in October, 1988, the supplement was instrumental widely credited by school reformer organization with driving both voter turnout and LSC candidacies. Attractively designed and produced by Sun-Times education editor Linda Lenz with extensive input from from school reform groups, the suppliment featured lists of training organizations for LSC members, Nomination Forms for people interested in running for their local LSC, names of contact people and addresses of all schools where elections would be held.

With all costs underwritten by the Sun-Times, the supplement was produced at no expense to educators or tax-payers.

The idea for supplement was conceived by Steve Sewall and communicated to Sun-Times Publisher Charles Price during a conversation with Citizens Schools Committee President Gordon Berry.

Requests for copies of the Supplement from educators, school reform groups, Channel 5 (WMAQ-TV) and the Deputy Mayor for Education Lourdes Monteagudo.

Letter of Acknowledgement from Sun-Times Publisher Charles Price

1993 Letter of Introduction to Sun-Times President Dennis Britton by Citizens Schools Committee President Gordon Berry.

1998 Sun-Times graphic showing subsequent decline of LSC candidates since 1989 (4/6/89)