History and other questions

what was your SAT score?
550 and 570 (math) in May 1974

by May 1975, I got 720 verbal and 800 math

the method is clear.

a) focus on every math problem
check the ones you can do in 30 secs or less
????? on ones you don't understand
"FASTER" if you cn do it but you want to know the TRICK to doing a problem quickly.

b) study lots of words

c) talk to people and ask their stories.

d) practice writing by SENDING YOUR ESSAY TO THE TUTOR/Teacher and I'll get you some feedback.

e) watch a lot of videos and take notes.

Why do you send email messages at 2 a.m.?

Three reasons

1. some effective people often go to bed early, wake up after 4 hours and do about 2 hours of work, then go back to bed.

I often sleep at 9 pm, up at 1 a.m, back to bed from 3 to 6 a.m.

2. older people generally sleep less deeply.
Sometimes i sleep through the night, sometimes I don't . when I don't , I get up and type.

3. I have a nap around 2 pm daily. after lunch is GREAT. about 20 to 30 minutes. it refreshes me and I can sleep

"THE LAKE" story helps you understand how a kid can get an 800 in math.

I"M NOT GOOD AT CALCULUS. I barely passed (C- grade)

The SAT in 1975 did not have calculus or trig questions.
The SAT today has one trig question in the whole test.


1. write each step.
2. avoid following one way of looking at the problem. SOMETIMES you can find the answer by looking at the problem in a different way.

LATERAL THINKING. remember that you are a FLEXIBLE person, because 1/2 = 50% and 21/42 and 0.500 and 0.5

3. Often the SAT people TOOK AWAY important information and it is YOUR JOB to put the information back in.

When are you going to show us the problems/ When are you going to review the problems?

we'll do some problems in class, but the real work is done outside class.

If you send me the problem, I will take a camera, make a video and post it for you to see.

my email is TLASteve@gmail.com

What math does a lawyer need to know?

$2.7 billion for 200 passengers. How much does each passenger get?

If It is a 30% fee, how much does the lawyer get?

If the lawyer's expenses for the case were $75,000 per month for 15 months, did the lawyer make any money?

How do you monetize a youtube account?

a) get a student bank account
(checking account)
b) get a gmail account
c) go to this link (search "how do i create an adsense account")

d) turn on the monetize button on your youtube

e) post videos and ask friends to quickly click LIKE
if you can get about 1000 likes in the first week, you will get attention from youtube...

choose a speciality of the video channel. I like travel, so I made a travel youtube...

i made another youtube channle about 'free english lessons"
and another about "mistermath"

several of you might have heard about "Math Girl" -- it's fun for females to listen to a female explain math. (Guys are so boring and like engineers...)

danica mckellar is an example

here is another woman who teaches math...

I find her voice is unnatural. Can you imagine how she asks, "Can you pass the salt, please?" ugh. but some students like her organized writing.

So, find something you like and then send me the link and I will try to get my 400 students to clcik on it. I teach students from Europe south America and asia and they sometimes like the videos that I suggest....

Where did you go to university?

I applied to yale, swarthmore, haverford, Princeton and MIT. ONly Harvard put me on a wiating list.

I got my goal... i told myself, "I want to get into Princeton."

I dropped out after one year. I went back in 1984 to Nova University.

Be careful how you write your goals... i should have told myself, "I want to get in and graduate from PrinceTon"

It's about 13 million per passenger.
the lawyer represented one passenger for 75,000 x 15 months... hmmmm
10 montsh = 750,000

half of that (5 moths) is about 300,000

so his expenses are about 1 million

30% of 13 million is about $3.9 million so the lawyer... did okay.

about 2.8 million for 15 months of work.