What should I tell you?

A teacher talks to the group of stuydents.... but I want this message to go to YOU.

TIP:  use Keepvid.com to download youtube videos.   One of my students said, "Wow, I have wanted to learn how to download youtube videos.  I'm so glad that you showed me this."

Note:  I told the class about "how to download a youtube video."  I didn't wait to be asked, "How can I download a youtube video?"
Please please please tell the teacher something about you ... "I want to learn how to change a car tire."  or "I want to learn German."   Then the teacher can do someting about it.

To learn a language, find a penpal.  Help the person with English pronunciation and practice, and you might get a free place to sleep the next time you are in Europe, South America, Asia or Africa.

Download interesting talks 

Make a debate about Cuba
It is one of the core issues of our generation.  After 2020, people will ask, "What was it like to be part of the Embargo?"   What did you do to reduce the effects of the Embargo?