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Hi, I'm Steve and I'm here to give you a tour of this website.

Key point 1:  We can learn to do problems by looking at a lot of problems. 

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NOTE:  IF you are a student in a face-to-face class, remember that the TEACHER MIGHT BE LATE, so you have the chance to TAKE OVER THE CLASS.

Here is a standard letter that I send to students who might face "no teacher."....

I am the SAT teacher for the WEDNESDAY class that is starting on WEDS.

I am not able to attend because of a sick uncle.  I need to be out of town.   



1)    Watch the video about the KITCHEN VOCABULARY

2.   Go to

3.   IMMEDIATELY work on the attached SAT MATH pdf

I am attempting to reach ALL of the students on the roster.  There is one person WITHOUT a phone number.  I am RELYING on Tyler to make sure EVERYONE gets this information.  (I will try to reach out to the other students who have phone numbers).


THIS "distance learning" method has been shown to be more effective than merely FACE TO FACE classes.   THIS is the BLENDED model, where the initial contact is by distance and the later interactions are a mix of EMAIL, PHONE and face to face.

I will OWE the class an additional time to meet, which can be arranged in a variety of ways (with an extra HOUR each of the remaining meetings) and an additional meeting.

YOU CAN ALSO attend the GRE meeting that takes place on THURSDAY  (see the CENTRAL campus.

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This city looks like a fish, it's in northern Italy and it has a lot of water around it.

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For example, what's 6 x 16 =?

I know 6 x 8 = ???

I know 8 x 2 = 16

so 6 x 8 x 2 =  6 x 16

what's 48 x 2 = ?  ANSWER

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