Tips about the ACT test

Some students prefer the ACT test.   Other students want to avoid Science ... and other students want to avoid TRIGONOMETRY (yes, there is a strong focus on Algebra and Geometry in the SAT ... click here)

Change what's on your phone
Download and USE the apps that are recommended for your smartphone.
If you don't have a smart phone, get the THICK BOOK and do every problem.

Take photos of problems that you can't do in under 2 minutes.  Send the photos to (954) 646 8246
or mail to and (try both because the items go to two computers.)

Do you listen to TED talks?
Visit these websites to get lots of problems  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Change what you listen to in the car
91.3 WLRN National Public Radio
90.7 in West Palm Beach

Change what's on your walls
Put quotes on the walls of your home
Put sheets of words on the walls of your home.

What is your ultimate goal?  
For some students, a higher score on ACT is VERY important.  We can get higher scores by doing a lot of problems.  ACTUALLY DOING the work, not just reading "how to get a higher score."

For other students, the goal is "I want to find a wonderful university that matches my dreams with useful skills."   Think about the bigger picture.  What will make you interesting to a college?
For these students, I ask, "Is your goal a higher ACT score?  Or do you want to create a fuller picture of yourself?"
Perhaps learning more words in other languages
Doing internships that matter to you
Buildoing a Portfolio to show your talents and skills
What have you done with what you have learned?

Daniel Pink, the author of "A Whole New Mind", observes that with increasing abundance, people want more unique products and services. Plain vanilla won't cut it any more in today's crowded marketplace: "For businesses it's no longer enough to create a product that's reasonably priced and adequately functional. It must also be beautiful, unique, and meaningful."  Pink notes that developing young people's capacities for imagination, creativity, and empathy will be increasing important for maintaining our country's competitive advantage in the future. 

"Even in our best schools, we are teaching kids to memorize much more than to think. And in the 21st century, mere memorization won't get you very far."         

Yes, click and read more  (This article will make you more interesting if you can describe three points that you learned from it.)

YouTube Video

You can prepare for ACT in four ways
(a) make an appointment to meet with a teacher.  

(d) come to SATURDAY CLUB from 10 am to 1 pm at the Oakland Park school or the Margate school.   CALL AHEAD to reserve a place.  Class is limited to 10 students at a time, but when some students leave, more can arrive.   Please call (954) 646 8246 to confirm your place.   OR TEXT

If you want to participate via mobile, you don't need to come to Saturday Club.   You can call and Mr. Steve wi'll talk you through the next step in your test prep ...

(1) Start with problems at
(2) Go to and get words to study.  Call (954) 646 8246 with three new words each week.
(3) is a good site to start with. is a good location, too. 
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