The focus of this site is preparing you for university.  You signed
up for SAT test prep, but I also offer a system to increase the chances of getting you into the college of your choice.   

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Materials for ACT
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Three important parts of the system:
SAT VERBAL (and Reading):  Find a "study buddy" and togther expose yourselves to 5000 words (
Ask your parents and older "near peer" mentors to tell you stories about words.  "How do you remember vicarious?   What trick or mental image do you use to remember its meaning?"

Use "Kitchen Words"

SAT MATH:  There are about 95 types of math problems that can be given to you.  Ignore Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry and most of Algebra 2.  Expose yourself to the excellent problems found at and

SAT ESSAY - Write.   Write a lot.  Send examples of your essays to a teacher to examine.   Read the prompts (the essay topics).  Get in the mindset.