The Ultimate Goal of the GED

What is your ultimate goal?

How will you get there?

When you speak, people stop talking and start to listen.    They nudge each other, "Hey, _____ saying something.  Let's listen."
That's my goal for you.  

People will know the value of this online GED course by the product, by hearing what you say.  "Wow, you speak so well.  You know so much!  Where did you learn that?"
That will be how people measure this course ... and they will measure you by the content of your character.

Everyone has to make a presentation.

Everyone at some point in their lives will be unemployed and will have time on their hands.

We can each do something ...  what is that service that you can do?

I have an agenda
a) I want everyone on the planet to read the John Corlette speech about education   
b) I want to share with you things that I learned when I was in a boarding school.  You can reject, ignore, or adapt the items, but at least you can do me the favor of visiting these sites and clicking on these videos.   I want you to hear the words of 
John Corlette's meditation

T. Senn edited this book   PLEASE click and leave a comment and forward the book and download it.


As the instructor, I have one goal:
I want you to find your purpose ... 

Let's get you through this GED process.
I want you to have the skills that you will need to pursue your interests and to respond to challenges.

We can connect the school work to your interests.

Here's how I hope you will get there:
Build a Personal Learning Plan, so you can look at the goals you set for yourself and move toward your goals.

Build a digital library, filled with useful information.   You need to carry a USB and download materials when you find them.  Keep TWO external hard drives as a backup and use Google DRIVE to load folders for long-term storage (free 15 GB per gmail account)

Build your digital Portfolio, to show people the work you have done.  YOU NEED TO CARRY A USB with your materials on it.

Build a resume that tells about your experience and your skills.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Let's remember the words of Ted Sizer
I cannot teach a student well unless I know how his mind works.