Our New Habits

The purpose of this page is to ask you to read carefully the 12 prescriptions from Daniel Amen and then to write your new habits.

Explain what you plan to do.  The habits can be about any part of your life.   

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Here is an article that inspired me to go to bed early.

Not one person is expecting anything from you in the next 4 hours. So the ability to appreciate the task at hand and thinking creatively seemed natural.


What I was depriving myself from was time in the day where there was no pressure and no expectations. For the same reasons that I felt most creative on Saturday mornings and on planes, 4 a.m. has become a place of productive peace. That feeling is why I love what I do. I don't need a vacation. I don't need to step away. I just need a couple hours a day before anyone else is up.

Making an omelette, coffee, playing guitar, exercising, listening to the Dan Patrick Show, learning a language, and getting some exercise all felt like optimal experiences when not in completion for mental bandwidth slated for the company. And by 6:45, I'm working on the biggest items on my plate that I can focus on without the threat of new stimuli for the next couple of hours.

Building a schedule that protects your love for what you do is critical to optimizing the quality of your life--and your work.

Paul DeJoe, FastCompany article

I have been following D.r Amen's recommendations about the use of email for several years.

1.  I look at email only once or twice a day

2. I stay focused.  Before looking at my email, I write the priorities of my day.  

3. Then I look only for email that are related to my priorities of the day.

4.  I don't worry about responding to each piece of email.  Set aside a day once a week to deal with every other message that you receive.  

5.  I tell my new clients to send me a text if they want me to look at an email within 24 hours.     Generally it takes 72 hours for me to look at every email message.


One of the new habits is "Show Gratitude"
Example:  Name six people who have made a difference in your life...  Who has given you a quote or life lesson?