List of free mobile APPS

a)  SAT techniques are available via  video and mobile phone apps

b)  students can also scan batches of SAT test prep questions, looking for the items that they don't know how to do.  They could then take a photo of the questions and send the questions to a test prep instructor who could then make a video to explain the answers.   I've used this to help students who couldn't attend my SAT classes at Broward College.

In other words, the students don't have to meet in a room to get the tips and the practice.

Here is a set of example problems. 

The answers to how to complete the questions 

are in a video on DVD but many of them could also be posted on the Internet.

see the list of apps

I'm all about making things easy, and when it comes to studying for the SAT, you just can't get any easier than downloading the best iPhone apps for the SAT.

Below are the best iPhone apps for the SAT, listed in random order. If you have a few iPhone apps for the SAT or another standardized test not listed below, then by all means, post them here!

5 Free SAT Apps Worth the Download

1. Adapster: SAT Math by Empire Edge

The iPhone app

2. Princeton Review's SAT Vocab Challenge by Modality.

Need vocab help?

3. Kaplan SAT Flashcubes by Jirbo, Inc.

More vocab help

4. AA+ English Vocabulary Study Cards by ExamBusters

Even more vocabulary help

5. 411 Prep: SAT Math by Michael DeRosa

The app offers follow-up questions

6. Kaplan Portable SAT by LibreDigital

This iPhone app for the SAT

7. Mathematical Formulas by Antek Szataj

An iPhone app


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