Grow your brain

This is a slightly deceptive attempt to engage your attention.  You will have to work hard to add synapses to your brain -- you can do that by putting yourself under stress, the way a person who becomes a London cab driver does 

In other words, please take a moment to think about how your time can be used to help an international student improve their pronunciation.   You might get an invitation to the next Olympics or World Cup:  "You have helped me so much with my English... How can I repay you?  Perhaps you can fly to my city and I'll let you stay in my guest room for a week."

It has happened.   John Lipkin, one of my SAT students from 2007, has been hosted in Colombia, Germany and Spain by students whom he helped with English via Skype, email, Facebook and in person.   Learn more from John at

His facebook account   I'm looking for more U.S. young people who are interested in practicing English perhaps twice a month with a person in another country.  It's a great way to expand your brain power.   

Putting yourself in the path of another language is how to push your brain to generate new neurons.  New challenges lead to the creation of new neurons and synapses.   I get 20 requests a week from international students who want to practice English.   Please help!  

Help an international student and you might get a free tour of a city

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