Books to prepare you for university

LASSIE has six components:   Many teachers focus on two of them:  ACADEMICs and Scores.     What are the GLOBAL SKILLS?   C I A   Search Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills
Social Skills
Inheritance                      TEST PREP for CLEP
... and you can bring "extra" if you read a lot.   Or if you listen to key lectures (youtube).   This page gives you links to youtube videos that might help and lists of books that you can look up on wikipedia to get the "general idea."         <<<  please share this link
Dan Pink    RSA presentation
TO SELL IS HUMAN (we try to persuade people to put their time to serve our goals)
Drive  (visit his book to learn about 15 books that will help you)
A Whole New Mind    Use your "right" brain
Free Agent Nation      Entrepreneurs  Other books

Malcolm Gladwell
Outliers    What does it take to "stand out from the crowd?"
Blink   "analysis paralysis"
Better decisions come from less information (Frugal)
"The Stickiness Factor" and "The Law of the Few"
What the Dog Saw

Thomas Friedman
The World is Flat (3.0 edition)  especially pages 309-12
"The Curiosity Quotient" -- Passion and Curiosity will beat IQ

Jared Diamond:  Guns, Steel and Germs
Q and A about Diamond's book

Dennis Littky's The Big Picture

The Knowable Future by Jack Latona

The Teacher as Coach (by Alison Gopnik)

Stanford University (2005) Speech by Steve Jobs
What will university be like?   Take a Massive Open Online Course and find out about part of the experience.

Dan Heath made me say, "YEEECCCHHH"

How to create change (put feelings first, not information)

Blogs and websites to prepare you for university

Lateral Thinking Puzzles
Edward deBono (recommended by Iain Barraclough)

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Drive by Dan Pink

What motivates us?

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Schools by Ken Robinson

New paradigms