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Your goal is to get into a great university – 
NOT “to get a higher score on the SAT.”  I know many students who had high SAT scores but didn’t get into the University of Florida, or Princeton, or Northwestern or USC.  

I can give you what you need to get into a great university (and you can define "great").  It just takes a call.  954 646-8246.

Ask me about Portfolios      and    the Vornle Method
If you believe that your current goal is "to get a higher score on the SAT," I can help you achieve that goal.  
(I encourage you to find a longer-term goal, but if that's your goal, then my wife tells me, "Take their money and tell them what they need to know.")

It's simple:
a)  Visit number2.com
c)  Call Steve McCrea (SAT Tutor) at 954.646.8246 and you get the first 30 minutes FREE.
d)  More free tips  http://sites.google.com/site/theebookman/steve-mccrea-sat-tutor/sat-tips
e)  Learn the math on Dr. S. Baba's fabulous website: 

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After you try my method and if you like the tutoring session, you can start paying at $30 for 30 minutes,  $50 for an hour.   ($10 for drive time if you are in Broward but not located in Fort Lauderdale, $30 for driving if you are Miami or Palm Beach Counties)

I got 800 math, 720 verbal.  I'll show you how I did it
Call me.
I will be like a tree, reaching higher each time.

Try this method of learning new words

How many doors will you need to open to find success in life?   

How many levels of success will you pass through?  

What skills will you need to be invited to enter the door?  

What are your goals?  What skills will you need to achieve these goals?
(I) What percent of your success will come from inherited circumstances (money, connections that your parents or family made, innate ability to do something special)?    
(S) What percent will require Social skills?  
(S) Or test Scores?
(L) What percentage of your doors will open because you have a second or third language?
Some videos:

Visual and Active SAT

(A) What percentage of your doors will open because you have a 3.5 or a 3.9 grade point average (GPA)?
(E)  What percentage of the doors that you will open because the person on the other side says, "Well, it's clear that you have accumulated the right type of experience"?
L   A   S   S   I   E

How to get started with studying informaition....

Academic record
Social Skills

  Here is a story about a person from the USA who decided to expand his horizons.  He decided to learn Dutch.  Wow.  Go to this web site (blog) and learn what happened next...

Steve McCrea, Tutor

Welcome to SATVideos.com

More SAT Words!

This method requires the student to do a LOT of work.
It's a good idea to look at a variety to SAT prep videos.
Here is a good playlist on Youtube for BASIC MATH

For SAT Vocabulary help, try some of these videos:

I have a playlist on my youtube channel MisterMath
I do not "inject" vocabulary words into you and I do not insert a "math chip" in your brain.  I show you shortcuts and then you (the student) need to practice.  You can practice with a study buddy, with a parent, or with me.   I charge $50 per hour.  I show you how you can work with your study buddy and do many of the things that I suggest.

See the PLAYLIST on youtube.com/mistermath  and youtube.com/satvideos      

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There are four types of student.  Which one are you?           Get connected to   
Concrete - Random                                           Meet international students
Concrete - Sequential                                 Language Academy  200 S. Andrews
Abstract - Random                                                 Come -- volunteer at the school
Abstract - Sequential

Learn more at floatingneutrinos.com

Here's another tip:  Get a book published.
We publish our books at AuthorHouse.com and we recommend that you get your student's work published there.  Ask for Dan Heise and you'll get marketing guidance at the start of the bookmaking process.
Build a portfolio of achievements... 

If you believe that your current goal is "to get a higher score on the SAT," I can help you achieve that goal.  (I encourage you to find a longer-term goal.  If you want ot learn about how the VOrnle Method can help you, contact me at Visualandactive@gmail.com)

Graph      Exponents         Triangles    Circles       Probability    VOCAB      Please Excuse...

1.  Connect with students in other countries.  Become an Ambassador by BuildingInternationalBridges.org
2.  Earn your Certificate as a Certified Conversation Assistant  CCA VISUALandActive.com
3.  Make an old man happy:  Visit www.TheStudentIsTheClass.com  and DistorttheNet
4.  Write to Steve and get some ideas about how to improve your portfolio.  TLASteve@gmail.com
5.  Read about  Portfolios      and    the Vornle Method... again.

Ask me about Portfolios      and    the Vornle Method     (954) 646 8246  Call Steve

http://theindependenteducator.blogspot.com/   Mr. Mac's blog about ideas in education.  Go here to find out some of the theories behind the method.   

A critical article for STUDENTS and TEACHERS and PARENTS

Key Quote:
In the early 1970s, I was placing student teachers in schools with “open classrooms.” These schools were influenced by a big movement in the '60s that said having kids doing projects in small groups was a better set-up for learning than the traditional lecture format. One of my student teachers, a young,
idealistic woman, turned to me one day and said, “This is great, Leonard, but when am I really going to learn how to teach?” She was standing there in an exciting, rich learning environment, but she couldn't see it because it didn't match her idea of what teaching was, which was standing up in front of the room, looking out at quiet rows of faces, and pouring knowledge into them.

--- Chapter 1, The Big Picture

There is little we can control.  The little we can control is a universe.

HOW CAN YOU STUDY with me over the Internet? 

Plan your time... and skip the last two math problems

1.  follow my free videos.     
2.  join facebook.    TLASteve@gmail.com is my account email address.   
3.  write to me EVERY DAY at least 10 sentences.     
4.  practice by skype between 9am and 10:30 am this week (Florida or NY time).    Usually every week.  
5.  make videos and post them on Youtube and I will look at your speaking.

Global Cooling Gasoline

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