Home School PE

At this time, Steve is not offering Home School PE, but if interested please contact him as there may be opportunities to join some of the PE and team sports he offers through Brooke of Life and the charter school.

106 South Wisteria Street, 76063 - near 287 and Broad St.
The Library is right next door and you will also have use of the other parts of the facility. This is also close to outdoor fields which Steve may take advantage of sometimes to provide your children with a more rich experience.



Ages and Times:

Home School PE now runs month to month ($35 p/month).with three seasons--fall, winter, spring.  It is every Wednesday (see times below). Payments are adjusted for months that have only 3 Wednesday's or months that have 5 Wednesday's. 

The  spring session dates will be Wednesdays-- 12:30-1:45 (Offering only one session)

At this point, we are only offering one session for all ages. If enough register, then the two sessions will be split into two as before:

5 to 9 year old children will be in session 1 from 12:30 to 1:45
10 and up will be in session 2 from 1:45 to 3:00

PLEASE NOTE: if there are not enough for one or either of the sessions, they are combined and run during the first hour. The few times we have run combined sessions with multiple ages, it has been equally as fun and effective.

ALSO NOTE: In order to run the program, the minimum number must be met. In the event that the session is canceled, anyone who has already paid will receive complete reimbursement.

Feel free to call and talk with either Steve or Eva for more details or information.
Steve: 817-412-9269
Eva: 817-225-6272

All registration is done through the MAC:


The cost is $35 per month for each child for a 75-minute session (per week). 

**There is also a one-time annual membership fee for the MAC card, as listed below:


                                 Resident (76063 zip)      Non Resident (not 76063 zip)     

Youth         2-17Y       $10/year                          $17/year

Adult         18-54        $15/year                         $22/year

Senior        55+          $10/year                          $17/year  

*Family                      $35/year                         $50/year

* A family membership is good for up to 6 people living in the same household.

Registration and Payment:
You will have to register and pay the MAC each month. Everyone needs to remember to go pay at the front desk at the beginning of each month or you may also register online at mansfieldparks.com. Full payment of each semester is not yet available. 
Steve's Primary Goals for your kids:
I really want the exercise and games to be fun for every kid, regardless of their present skill and athletic ability as they grow in:

Learning and Development
There are stages of athletic development. In soccer, we basically break it down in: 3-5yr, 6-8yr, 9-11yr, 14-18 yr. For  PE, I am combining development into two major groups--5-9yr and 10 and up. The games and activities we play help provide some of the major skills for different sports in a non-competitive environment.
I want every kid to develop a basic level of proficiency (build a level of confidence) in every major team sport as they move into jr high and sr high.  Each child will work on developing basic athletic skills as well as confidence related to sports in general -health & fitness for overall strength, coordination, and team experience.
It is important for everyone (not only kids) to develop agility, balance, strength, endurance--four major components of athleticism. Obviously training for a competitive sport is much more time-consuming and involves much higher level of commitment and dedication, but EVERYONE of all ages must exercise!!! Learning to play and enjoy exercise seems to be lost as we grow older and as we struggle in a tech TV internet world. Fine motor skills, developing in agility, balance, strength all help the brain too!  That is proven science.
My goal is to have them learn how to play all sorts of team games, with the tactics and positions so each one will have the confidence and basic skills to join any sport whether it is a pick-up situation, an organized program or a competitive, select team. Playing in groups is fun!

Life Lessons

Playing sports is a great environment to build self-confidence, social skills, and life-lessons. I love sharing stories of life and biblical principles to support parents in raising healthy kids. Sports and competition are not really about winning and losing but rather developing our abilities and appreciating our God-given talents--recognizing, appreciating and celebrating our different gifts.