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The only futsal being offered is through the team trainings. If you are interested, contact your coach in setting up team futsal sessions.  

Send an email to: Brazilianstylesoccer@gmail.com or text me at: 817-412-9269.

PLEASE NOTE: Any futsal questions email:

Futsal or Camp questions: brazilianstylesoccer@gmail.com


Futsal is a form of soccer played on a basketball-size court. It's both fun and invaluable to help players of all ages develop into a total soccer player: tactical, technical, and functional elements of the game.

 To become a great soccer player, every player must develop a good touch on the ball. Basic fundamentals should be mastered: trapping, dribbling, shielding, heading, tackling, shooting, passing  . . . are all important. But beyond the basic fundamentals, every player should also develop special dribbling, fast-foot work moves and touches.  The finer creative moves and the quick tight ball control, demonstrated by the international high level athletes,  are primarily developed by playing futsal or a form of small sided games. Almost all the great soccer players in the major clubs around the world develop their moves through futsal. It is one of the most effective and fun methods of developing the total soccer player.

Like any team sport, learning to read, playing positions and visualizing the game is essential. Attacking and defending as a team, adjusting to the opponents movements and runs, both offensively and defensively, as a team, is necessary to move from a talented and skilled individuals to a championship teams. Futsal, much like basketball, provides an incredible environment for players to learn the team tactical elements of soccer.

Let them play!!!  Repetition, repetition, repetition!!! One of my biggest concerns (especially younger players while developing) is to be over coached but worse than that is just to not get enough play time and repetitions! Kids need time playing the game--time to try different moves, to experiment, to make mistakes, to enjoy the game without a lot of pressure to win. Futsal creates this perfect training environment.

It is also an incredible tool for a good trainer. It is easy to quietly demonstrate any of the above mentioned skills, moves, tactics, without affecting the major flow of the play. It is speed and agility, plyometric training while playing.

It also offers some of the most intense levels of competition due to the court size and space. In fact, for years FIFA (world governing body of soccer) would not allow international futsal competitions in case it started a war.

All three key coaching elements of soccer development are combined in futsal: technical, tactical and functional training by simply letting them play.

Let them play and bring them to futsal!

A personal secret--I attribute playing futsal to some of my most enjoyable memories in my days of youth soccer and to developing skills that enabled me to play with the top players and leagues in the world.
For more information,  http://www.ussoccer.com  has the official rules and the latest news on the US National Team and other futsal developments.