Samba King Soccer Club

Steve Long  (c  817-412-9269)
Soccer Club skills trainer & now Independent Club coach and founder!

May 2015: Basic Philosophy in creating a  soccer culture.

IT'S NOW TIME! Steve is in the process of not only being a skills trainer but also coaching his own teams. In this vision, Steve wants to select very gifted former athletes who want to become great coaches and mentor them as they begin their coaching careers.

Over the past 11 years, Steve has helped MSA create an excellent soccer culture for the Mansfield kids. He has helped inspire the beginnings of two clubs: Mansfield Futbol Club and Mansfield Revolution SC. He has provided the skills training and vision for literally thousands of kids now playing for all the major clubs and teams in the DFW area. The Brazilian style involves lots of small sided informal play with emphasis on learning and developing moves and ball skills. This is how all the kids from the world soccer powers learn and develop. Many of the basic fundamental skills and moves need to be developed during these formatitive years of athletic development: 3-10 yr of age.

This growing soccer culture is similar to the basketball culture in many inner cities throughout the US as well as the soccer cultures around the world. It is a proven system and as we grow, we will create many fun exciting moments of soccer for all skills and ages and even players who will one day play at national and international levels.

You will often hear Steve say, "Kobe Bryant didn't become great by passing." Though it is true that great players are also unselfish and understand team play, youth players need time to practice and develop their moves. Yes, Pele, arguably one of the greatest of all times only touched the ball for about 3 minutes in the course of a 90 minute game.  Learning to dribble and developing individuals ball skills are critical at this young age. Emphasizing too much tactical play actually hinders the players development. The speed of high level soccer requires the ability both in vision and skills to one-touch or two-touch the ball. But while kids are learning, they need time and lots of touches on the ball.

Samba King Soccer Club Magna Carta:  
 It’s all about the kids!

One of my first words to a prospective coach is: it's not about you. I often say to parents and players during my skills and trainings: "I had my career, it's over. My job right now is to stay in shape as best as I can to pass on everything I can to help your child- the aspiring athlete- take his/her soccer to even a higher level than I did."

Our first goal for our young players is—FUN. A fun experience and atmosphere creates passion in children. If children become passionate about a sport they will play at school, at home, everywhere, and all the time. We want to see that soccer passion and encourage it in all kids that we train and coach. We use many different soccer venues for our players such as futsal, small sided games, Academy and Select or Competitive teams, beach or sand soccer, indoor soccer, soccer volleyball,  camps, soccer schools and all types of tournament play.
This tried and true method of creating a quality soccer culture has proven to be the most effective way to create sophisticated players throughout the world. It is through this environment that we will help your child achieve their greatest potential and help ignite a passion for the game within each child.
We constantly pursue excellence in building character, values, self-esteem, self-confidence, and will continue to develop as both trainers and teachers of the game of soccer and life.

Great players will emerge through our incredible system and soccer culture strategy, but our eternal legacy will be the impact on thousands of families and children who may never reach national or international fame and recognition in soccer but continue enjoying and playing soccer many years after we have all come and gone.

Welcome to  Samba Kings Soccer—home of a global grass-roots style soccer!
"Building strength, confidence, coordination and character in our next generation."

Steve Long  (c  817-412-9269)
Soccer Club skills trainer & now Independent Club coach and founder!