Thermal Energy Systems: Design and Analysis

    ISBN: 9781482245998
    Publication Date:  January 2015

Note:  Errata is at the bottom of this page

    Chapter 1.    Introduction
        1.1    Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis
        1.2    Software
        1.3    Thermal Energy System Topics
        1.4    Units and Unit Systems
        1.5    Thermophysical Properties
        1.6    Engineering Design
    Chapter 2.    Engineering Economics
       2.1    Introduction
        2.2    Common Engineering Economics Nomenclature
        2.3    An Economic Analysis Tool - The Cash Flow Diagram
        2.4    Time Value of Money
        2.5    Time Value of Money Examples
    2.6    Using Software to Calculate Interest Factors
    2.7    Economic Decision Making
    2.8    Depreciation and Taxes

Chapter 3.    Thermal Energy Systems Analysis
    3.1    Introduction
    3.2    Nomenclature
    3.3    Thermophysical Properties of Substances
    3.4    Analysis Procedure
    3.5    Conserved and Balanced Quantities
    3.6    The Conservation of Mass
    3.7    The Conservation of Energy (The First Law of Thermodynamics)
    3.8    The Entropy Balance (The Second Law of Thermodynamics)
    3.9    The Exergy Balance - The Combined Law
    3.10  Energy and Exergy Analysis of Thermal Energy Cycles
    3.11  Detailed Analysis of Thermal Energy Cycle
Chapter 4.    Fluid Transport in Thermal Energy Systems
    4.1    Introduction 
    4.2    Piping and Tubing Standards
    4.3    Fluid Flow Fundamentals
    4.4    Valves and Fittings
    4.5    Design and Analysis of Pipe Networks
    4.6    The Economic Pipe Diameter
    4.7    Pumps
    4.8    Design Practices for Pump/Pipe Systems
Chapter 5.    Energy Transport in Thermal Energy Systems
    5.1    Introduciton 
    5.2    Review of Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Heat Exchangers
    5.3    Heat Exchanger Types
    5.4    Design and Analysis of Heat Exchangers
    5.5    Special Application Heat Exchangers
    5.6    Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis
    5.7    Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis
    5.8    Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis
    5.9    Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis
Chapter 6.    Simulation, Evaluation, and Optimization of Thermal Energy Systems
    6.1    Introduction
    6.2    Thermal Energy System Simulation
    6.3    Thermal Energy System Evaluation
    6.4    Thermal Energy System Optimization

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