The Stevenson FCS team presented at the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences 105th National Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO. 

Implementing Standards-Based Grading in the FCS Classroom
Presented by Christina Erickson; Sara Lohrmann, CFCS; and Michelle Backes
Using a standards-based grading approach in the FCS classroom is a method of providing feedback, communicating growth, and learning through evidence. By using best practices in technology, formative feedback, common assessments, and projects, teachers can provide feedback to students to increase student achievement.

The Stevenson FCS team presented at the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Illinois state conference held at Eastern Illinois University on Friday, October 25.  Presentation materials can be accessed here:

What's "hAPPening in FCS" Powerpoint & Handout

Picture yourself in Family & Consumer Sciences

Stevenson High School FCS Philosophy
  • We build students’ capacity for collaboration, problem solving, and thoughtful decision making.
  • We see ourselves as classroom coaches and build positive relationships with our students.
  • We work to support a student’s social and emotional growth.
  • We feel it is important for student grades to reflect their achievement toward course learning targets.
  • We provide opportunities for students to constructively use acquired knowledge and work with others to create solutions.
  • We begin authentic learning with questions, students work to identify valued ends and the means to accomplish them.
  • We promote learning.