Calculia, from the Latin word calculus which means a small stone used for counting(we had to come up with a name, okay), is an online country with Steve T. R.(me) has its president. Anyone who wants to be a member is.

We hold as our constitution the United States Bill of Rights and reject the Constitution because it is a Federalist(as in the party, the right-wing one) document. We also reject all laws that have to do with religion and atheism, including "In God We Trust".

Flag and motto and stuff like that:

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Symbolism: The star represents freedom and the dots are the different views of freedom, Constitutional Monarchy, Republicanism, Direct Democracy and the others. That they all circle freedom means that they can all agree that freedom is important no matter how we get freedom. The green line was originally for decoration but now is meaning the different cultures, beliefs, races and religions. 

Motto: "Peace is our ally and war is our enemy"

National anthem:
Rebel Alliance anthem(what, you have some fun with a micronation)

Military, space program etc.:
The People's Republic of Calculia(its full name) rejects violence unless in extreme cases and does not have standing armies. The Calculian Space Program(CSP) is not doing any missions but plans to.

We always have a peace department!

This is a socialist republic meaning we call for fair treatment of workers and that everyone gets equal pay. We also call for worker-controlled businesses.

One has the right to the FREEDOM of the press but we have our own newspaper. We don't censor ANY press.

 The People;s Republic of Calculia

Last updated on August 18, 2011 PDT
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