Steven's Association Moonrise
Steven’s Association Moonrise is a non profit making organisation which has been launched in memory of Steven Keyes. Steven’s Association Moonrise is dedicated to raising money for the purpose of research into and raising awareness about Fanconi anaemia (FA) and its associated problems. 
Funds raised by Steven’s Association Moonrise will be used to support treatment iniatives for Fanconi Anaemia and the associated challenges this condition poses for successful stem cell/bone marrow transplant and cancer prevention and treatment.
To find out more about Fanconi anaemia, go to What is Fanconi anaemia.


Once again, the Brussels 20 K race saw around 20 runners get together to run in support of the Association and to raise funds. 

This year's 20 K took place on Sunday 29th May - it was humid and sticky, but temperatures remained around 20 degrees, so while it was tough going in places, all in all conditions were quite good and, as usual, we had some very fast times and some more relaxed ones. 

No matter what the time, congratulations to all runners - you should all be proud!

The 20 K is always an important source of funds for the Association. But this year, just before the race, fundraising for fanconi anaemia got a tremendous boost, with a gift to FARF of $ 10 million. This fantastic donation will be spread over the next 10 years and should really hep to accelerate scientific research and well as education and support for those affected by fanconi anaemia. This is also a great encouragement for our Association, knowing that we are part of such a wider and growing effort to combat this disease.

So thank you to everyone for running, for coming along to support us, for encouraging your friends, families and colleagues to sponsor our team and thanks to all those who have given generously this year and in the past in support of the work of Steven’s Association Moonrise.

Enjoy some of the photos of the day.


May 31st saw over 20 runners take part in the Brussels 20 K race in support of the Association. We are almost turning into a professional team, with some really excellent times – some were tantalisingly close to 1h:30 and some took a more leisurely approach. No matter what your time, congratulations to all of us. Running 20 kilometres is a real achievement and we can all be proud!

Of course, running is only part of the story and the reason we all show up on what was an ideal Sunday morning, is to raise funds in support of the excellent research that is happening around fanconi anaemia. Your efforts to fundraise for the 20 K over the years have helped the Association fund invaluable research and we are sure that this year will be no different.

So thank you for running, for encouraging your friends, families and colleagues to sponsor our team and thanks to all those who have given generously this year and in the past in support of the work of Steven’s Association Moonrise.

Enjoy some of the photos of the day.

Caroline White's Manchester Marathon run

Many congratulations to Caroline White, who ran the Manchester marathon on 19 April 2015 in support of the Association, raising 790 EUR – and in a new personal best time! Caroline said: "the Manchester marathon claims to be the fastest, flattest and friendliest in the UK and I'm not sure about the 'fastest' - having been overtaken by a Minion at 15 miles! - but I can vouch for its friendliness, it's a great event. And running it for the Association really gave me a boost."

Well done Caroline, both for the great time and for the fantastic fundraising effort and sincere thanks to all those who have been so generous in sponsoring Caroline.

For more photos of the Manchester Marathon you can see:


We are very pleased to announce that the Association has, thanks to the generosity of the many people who have supported Steven’s Association Moonrise, and indeed, who continue to do so, been able to allocate a further 20,000 EUROs to support research into Fanconi anaemia.

This brings to 40,000 EURO’s the amount that we have been able to contribute since the Association was established.

The Board decided to allocate this new grant directly to FARF (the Fanconi Anaemia Research Fund). As many of you will already know, FARF is the leading worldwide charity for Fanconi anaemia and we have confidence in how they select and vet their research projects.

It is still of interest to the Association to be associated with projects based in Europe. However, we have asked FARF to use this grant of 20,000 EUROs to contribute to ground-breaking research, regardless of where it is happening. Fanconi anaemia knows no borders and we feel that our contribution needs to go where it can be of most help. In this way, we can be supportive of the wider research effort.

FARF has assured us that our donation will go entirely to research and they will keep us updated on the projects that our donation is helping to fund. The website will be updated regularly with the information received from FARF.

Thank you so much for making this donation possible and please continue to support the work of the Association – your support is vital if this much-needed work is to continue.

























All About Steve


Steven was a young man who always enjoyed his life to the full.  He was in full pursuit of his dreams and ambitions when he was diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia in March 2005.  Despite the severity of this diagnosis, Steven insisted on living his life uninhibited by the threat of this illness.  Steven had a stem cell transplant in June 2007.  Sadly, on the 28th November, 2007, at the age of 24, Steven passed away in hospital in Paris as a result of severe graft versus host disease following his transplant. 
To read more, go to All about Steve, or, you can read more of his story at:



The Association has recently received a very generous donation from Mary Shovelle. Mary, a cousin of Steven’s, lives in London with her family. In recent years she has spent an increasing amount of time following her artistic interests. Over the course of the last year she has sold a number of paintings and prints and has donated part of the proceeds to the Association. Mary has taken a keen interest in the work of the Association since its creation and we are delighted that she has decided to show her support through this donation and indeed to remain fully involved through becoming a member.

If you would like to find out more about Mary’s own works, you can visit her website at



Brown eyed girl 2

Pastel, ink and watercolour

A very big thank you Mary!