Steven's Association Moonrise
Steven’s Association Moonrise is a non profit making organisation which has been launched in memory of Steven Keyes. Steven’s Association Moonrise is dedicated to raising money for the purpose of research into and raising awareness about Fanconi anaemia (FA) and its associated problems. 
Funds raised by Steven’s Association Moonrise will be used to support treatment iniatives for Fanconi Anaemia and the associated challenges this condition poses for successful stem cell/bone marrow transplant and cancer prevention and treatment.
To find out more about Fanconi anaemia, go to What is Fanconi anaemia.


The 20K came early this year - 19th May. A cool day, a bit muggy at the start, with even a few drops of rain. But once the starting guns were fired, the rain stopped and nearly 40,000 runners swarmed down Rue Belliard.

Steven's Association Moonrise runners were, as usual, there!

The 20K is always a great event - the atmosphere is like no other race - lots of people running to support great causes, bands playing and a constant group of supporters the full length of the run.

We had some good times this year, but everybody who ran did a great job regardless of the time, so congratulations to our runners - slow and fast alike - and thanks to all of you for having run in support of the Association.

Many thanks also to those who have supported our runners and who have sponsored us. The funds we raise really make a difference.

Have a look below at some of the photos from the day - we hope you enjoy them.


This year's 20K must have been one of the toughest in a long while! Congratulations to our runners, who, despite the heat and the humidity, managed to complete an arduous race. And many of the times were very respectable indeed - our team ranged between close to 1h 30 and under 2h 30. As usual, the atmosphere was great, with small bands along the route and some welcome showers - not sure whether the benefit of being refreshed by a shower outweighed the soggy shoes, but it all adds to the day.

Fundraising is going well, but still plenty of time to make a contribution and sincere thanks to those who have supported the team - this year we really earned your sponsorship!

Already looking forward to next year - in the meantime, enjoy a few photos of the day


We are delighted to announce that, this April (2018), the Association has allocated a further 15,000 EUROs to support research into Fanconi anaemia.

This brings to 55,000 EURO’s the amount that we have been able to contribute since the Association was established.

Once again, the Board decided to allocate this new grant directly to FARF (the Fanconi Anaemia Research Fund). FARF is the leading worldwide charity for Fanconi anaemia and we have confidence in how they select and vet their research projects.

You may find it interesting to take a look at some of the projects supported by FARF - this list shows the breadth of research undertaken. Much of this research would not take place in the absence of dedicated charities such as FARF and organisations such as Steven's Association Moonrise. Please follow the link:

Thank you so much for making this donation possible and please continue to support the work of the Association – your support is vital if this much-needed work is to continue.

























All About Steve


Steven was a young man who always enjoyed his life to the full.  He was in full pursuit of his dreams and ambitions when he was diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia in March 2005.  Despite the severity of this diagnosis, Steven insisted on living his life uninhibited by the threat of this illness.  Steven had a stem cell transplant in June 2007.  Sadly, on the 28th November, 2007, at the age of 24, Steven passed away in hospital in Paris as a result of severe graft versus host disease following his transplant. 
To read more, go to All about Steve, or, you can read more of his story at: