It's a New Life! Mom is Gone!
[posted here 8/20/2018]

So, you think your life is filled with challenges? Read this book and get back to me. Steven Salmon's book of life despite loss and limitations is as inspiring as it is real and raw. You'll never look at your own life the same way again.

~John DeDakis, Novelist, Writing Coach, and Former CNN Editor ("The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer")

Thank you, John DeDakis! - SBS

Steven is busy making a difference in this world!
The following link is to a letter he wrote that was shared on Channel 3000 by Neil Heinen:

Lots of Livres
Here is the Lots of Livres interview link:


Steven's memoir has been REVIEWED


It’s A New Life – Mom is Gone – A Memoir about Living Independently with Severe Cerebral Palsy

By: Steven B. Salmon

Robert D. Reed Publishers, P. O. Box 1992, Bandon, Oregon, 97411

9781944297152, $12.95,2017, 154 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

A Candid Message of Living with the Difficulties of Severe Cerebral Palsy

“It’s A New Life! Mom is Gone – A Memoir about Living Independently with Severe Cerebral Palsy” is Steven B. Salmon’s story.  This is an amazing Story of the aspirations, determination, dedication, and diligence that have motivated Steven in his passion to become a recognized, successful, and accomplished author. Steven shares his story of overcoming challenges to write about the physically disabled. He serves as a voice and advocate for the many who do not have a voice that is being heard.

Steven’s mother dedicated her life to help him succeed. Steven has a Bachelor of Science degree in English with a writing minor from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens point and a Liberal Arts degree from Madison College. All these years his mother served as his primary care giver, so he could go on to pursue a writing career.

When his mother could no longer meet all of Steve’s physical needs, health attendants were hired to become a care team. Things dramatically changed the day his mother fell several times. Steven alerted the family with a call for help. When help arrived, his Mom was taken to the Emergency Hospital; she never returned home. She died of a cardiac arrest.

The realization that “Mom is Gone” thrust Steven into a new stage in his story. He now had to face the challenge of living independently with severe cerebral palsy.

I found it hard to put Steven’s book down. There were other times when he was so gut wrenching honest it was hard to go on reading.  I felt uncomfortable. As I continued to read Steven’s story, I begin to see life through a new set of eyes. I felt ashamed and embarrassed for living in an uncomfortable vacuum of hypocritical empathy, without recognizing the dignity or character of the individual in a wheel chair, quietly seeking acknowledgement, affirmation, or maybe even an act of friendship.

Steven has ignited a new flame and refueled my passion to write with the reminder to:  Believe in yourself, be patient, never give up. He encourages us to exchange our fears, failures, and impatience for hopes and dreams of success. This is the advice and encouragement he received from his friends, and now passes along to his readers.

I am left with an indelible picture of Steven at his computer, in four-hour blocks of time, using a Morse code word choice program.  Since he cannot use his hands, he uses his head to tap out his words.

“It’s A New Life! Mom is Gone” is a gripping story of the severe physical limitations, the pain of loneliness, of feeling being lost, scared, and tired; all while in the pursuit of bringing an influential message of hope to a unique people who have been looked upon as unemployable, who are relegated to become wards of the state living in group houses, highly medicated, forgotten victims of the “system.”

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Book Signing May 13, 2017
@ Barnes Noble
East Towne Mall
in Madison, WI
Barnes Noble book signing

BOOK SIGNING on March 25  during
the annual Writers' Conference!

book signing @ 2017 conference
As always, the conference was great!

Check out this March 2017
article by Keith Uhlig
about Steven:

A Very New Day
published by Black Rose Writing
NOTE: This book is no longer available!

The photos above are from a book signing held at a Madison area bookstore on February 27, 2017,  for Steven's "A Very New Day."

Rest in Peace, Mary Salmon
butterfly with purple daisies
In December 2014, Steven included the following with his Christmas message to friends and family: "I owe Mom my life! There isn't anything that I can do to pay her for what she has done for me except keep writing." His mother - Mary Salmon - devoted 47 years of her life to caring for Steven. She passed away on Saturday, July 11, 2015, at age 74.

Here's an interesting "Future Tense" article that includes insights provided by Steve:

steve smiling broadly

Writescast image
This link above is for a podcast 8-8-2017.

Use the  LINK below to AMAZON to buy Steve's Memoir:

It's a New Life! Mom is Gone

published by Robert D. Reed
became available on January 12, 2017,
which was Steven's 49th birthday.


Check out the link below for a May 2017 article in Madison Magazine written by Doug Moe:

JUNE 2016:

In July 2015, Steven was mourning the untimely death of his mother, but many changes have taken place since then! Since his mother's passing, Steve has been oh-so-very busy, writing,  guest lecturing in English classes "up north," writing, attending the annual Writers' Conference at UW, writing, coping with his new, independent life, writing and rewriting. All work and no play, however, would make for some mighty dull prose and poetry, so he factored in some fun, too. Here's a photo of Steve and a good friend enjoying The World's Biggest Brat Fest in Madison, Wisconsin, during the summer of 2016.

Out of the Office! Gone Swimming!
Steve joked later that
"Rita tried to d
rowned me!"

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UW Writers' Conference 2015

Steve at 2015 writers' conference
Steve was among the authors to receive recognition for success at the annual writers' conference in Madison, WI on March 27.

Steve Salmon, published author with severe Cerebral Palsy shares his story of overcoming challenges to write about the physically
disabled and serves as a voice for many who
often do not have a voice.

DATELINE: June 20, 2013 - An excerpt from Steve's novel The Silent Witness has been posted on The Cambridge Review web site. Follow this link to access the review:

For more information about Steven,
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  • Links for Youtube videos featuring Steven:

Steven using Morse Code [1 minute]

Steven discusses effects of budget cuts
on people with disabilities
[2 minutes]

Steven is interviewed by Carlene Wild
for NBC-15 News
[5 minutes]

Steven using his old voice recognition software [51 seconds]


This is Steve's kitty, Lindy. She was adopted at Shelter from the Storm, an all breed dog and cat rescue located in the Madison, WI area after both of his previous cats, Ashes and Coal, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Lindy watches Steve as he writes.

Steve taught himself Morse Code and now uses it to type rather than the voice-activated system he previously used. Steve is shown in the first photo below wearing the headset he used with his old voice-recognition system. The second photo shows the buttons he now taps at either side of his head to use Morse Code. Using Morse Code is much faster!

old technology

   new technology

“Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say.” ~ Steven B. Salmon