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Areas of Interest

Programming Languages

Fundamentally, I am interested in semantics: ways of expressing 
meaning in language and ways of drawing meaning out of language. 
With programming languages, we have the advantage of being able 
to design the rules ourselves. Various paradigms (functional, logical, 
object-oriented, multithreaded) can be applied, together or separately, 
in expressing problems and their solutions.  Transformations between 
paradigms can be used both to define and to implement the intended 
semantics. Indeed, abstractions appropriate for defining program 
transformations comprise important language features. I am interested 
in modular representations of language (by feature) and in 
encapsulation constructs that aid in the static analysis of programs. 
The ambiguity associated with natural languages offers both greater 
challenges and greater rewards.


Trampolining Architectures, with Daniel P. Friedman,
presented at the Festschrift and Symposium in Honor of
Mitchell Wand
, August 23, 2009, Boston MA
PDF, Slides PDF, Programs.

Analyzes the extent to which the monadic underpinnings of trampolining,
a translation that supports multithreaded applications, are able to
withstand a more diverse set of systems offering additional power and

Encapsulation of State with Monad Transformers,
Ph.D. Disseration, Indiana University Department of Computer 
Abstract PDF, Defense Slides PS, Defense Slides PDF
Dissertation PS, Dissertation PDF.

Models the containment of state operations within parts of a
program using constructs from category theory. Both the
dynamic monadic language and its type system use relative
addressing of regions.

Macros as Multi-Stage Computations: Type-Safe, Generative, 
Binding Macros in MacroML,
with Amr Sabry and Walid Taha,
presented at the International Conference on Functional
September 3-5, 2001, Florence, Italy.
PDF, Slides (PS), Slides (PDF).

Demonstrates a significantly expressive macro system that allows
static checking of type safety. Macro applications take the
syntactic form of existing language constructs (including binding
constructs); their semantics is modified.

An Object Encoding For SelfType,
with Daniel P. Friedman, presented at the Midwest Society for
Programming Languages and Systems, December 9, 2000,
Chicago, IL
, also Indiana University Computer Science 
Department Technical Report #554.
PDF, Slideshow.

Encodes in standard type theory an object-oriented programming
construct that allows types as well as programs to refer to this.

A Modular Monadic Interpreter In Scheme With Objects,
with Daniel P. Friedman, Indiana University Computer 
Science Department Technical Report #553, October 2000.
PDF, code.

Demonstrates an interpreter that uses monad transformers to
provide a modular structure based on features of the interpreted
language. In the process it provides an interesting use of

Trampolined Style,
with Daniel P. Friedman and Mitchell Wand, presented at the 
International Conference on Functional Programming, 
September 27-29, 1999, Paris, France.
PS, PDF, Slideshow.
Formalizes a technique for writing multithreaded programs so
to clarify its connection with continuation-passing style.

Interleaving is Possible with Refined Abstract Machines:
A New Approach to Engineering a Compiler
with Daniel P. Friedman, Indiana University Computer 
Science Department Technical Report #547, June 1998.
Presents a multi-stage compiler, each stage corresponding to an
abstract machine, such that high-level code can be run on any
lower-level machine. This is similar to the notion of just-in-time

(Note: these may be slightly modified from the original versions)

Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Representation

Philosophy of Mind

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