Steve Walker
NSERC Postdoctoral fellow
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematical Biology Group
McMaster University
scwalker (AT) math (DOT) mcmaster (DOT) ca
steve (DOT) walker (AT) utoronto (DOT) ca

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"Philosophy matters to practitioners because they use philosophy to guide their practice; even
those who believe themselves quite exempt from any philosophical influences are usually
the slaves of some defunct methodologist." (Gelman and Shalizi 2010)

You can never read enough Gelman.  Here's another great one,

"Unfortunately, when we deal with scientists, statisticians are often put in a
setting reminiscent of Arrow's paradox, where we are asked to provide estimates that
are informative and unbiased and confidence statements that are correct conditional
on the data and also on the underlying true parameter. Larry Wasserman feels that
scientists are truly frequentist, and Don Rubin has told me how he feels that scientists
interpret all statistical estimates Bayesianly. I have no doubt that both Larry and
Don are correct. Voters want lower taxes and more services, and scientists want both
Bayesian and frequency coverage; as the saying goes, everybody wants to go to heaven
but nobody wants to die."