Steve Sullivan

Urban Ecology and Conservation Biology


I conduct my urban ecology work as a graduate student in the Joel Brown Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago and as a staff scientist at the Chicago Academy of Sciences.

I also serve with a variety of community groups.  Some that you might be interested in are below:


 The Chicago Herpetological Society has monthly meetings where scientists, kids, and anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians gather.  Chances are you’ll see me at the meetings.


ReptileFest.  At 40,000 square feet, ‘Fest is the nation’s largest educational reptile and amphibian show.  Here you can see and interact with hundreds of interesting animals and people who are expert in their care.  Come meet me and see some of my animals.

The North American Native Fishes AssociationYou’ve seen fish from all over the world at your local pet store.  You might have even kept some as pets.  But what do you know about the large and diverse array of fish that live in your neighborhood?  Join my family and me on a local fish-watching trip.  



and if you didn't get to see them in the Museum exhibits, watch some Videos that I am featured in here.