Welcome to our Family. You can click directly to the person you wish to see on the left or see where it all started with myself.

Each person will be a link to what information I have for them.

If they are living still I will only be providing their given name, surname, and only their month, year of birth and only public information that can be found.

I want to Thank my Great Uncle Theodore (Ted) Memmel who stopped by to visit my mom in the late 90's who told me about having a family tree book and made sure I got a copy through excel. This is what started it for me and to continue where he left off and getting the actual documents for what they sent me on excel.

This is why there may not be any Pictures or Documents on a person, but the information was on the excel tree.

I also want to Thank everyone who has been helping out with this project through out the years.

Thank you all!

Now here we go!