Hello out there glad you came in to visit. I am happy that you are listening to the music i am channeling. It is the one thing that  i say without reservation:  i am very confident about. I would like to say something that  has spiritual inspiration and reflects some wisdom i have learned in life. I hope you check out the lyrics to some of the songs listed below.  Tell me if they ever say anything to you. i realize that music has a lot to do with personal taste.  So i will not be able to make everyone happy. i would hope that this music will lift the spirits of some, make others think and influence others to feel that God has touched them through the words and talent he has given me. Now i am not talking about 'me'. Because when ever 'me' comes into the picture some of the magic in music  falls away. The magic in creation comes from this inspiration and the more  we recognize where it is coming from the better off we are.     Steve Hydonus


Soul Searchin' CD Lyrics

Demian CD Lyrics