South East Asia Travel 2007

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia between May and July 2007





Photos, comments, itinerary and recommendations from my recent travel to South East Asia.  I travelled alone through some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the World.  I met some very friendly people and saw heaps of sights and sounds I will remember for a lifetime.

I did probably drank too much beer while I was over there, but with delights such as Bia Hoi and Beer Lao, I am only human and temptation got the better of me.

This website is now essentially complete as of 31/12/07.  Feel free to browse through and offer any constructive comments or criticisms you wish.

I am happy it is finished, but now another one may be on the cards as I am off to Africa around the middle of January for work purposes... So I'm sure there will be heaps more stuff to see..