Convert animated GIFs to spritemaps

This tool converts animated GIFs into a spritemap (a bitmap listing each frame).  It converts this:

 ... into this:

I'm playing around with sprites on the XNA dev kit.  I found lots of great animations in GIF form but not too many as spritesheets.  I couldn't find a tool to do this conversion, so I did my own and called it GifToSpriteMap.  The tool uses the excellent code from NGif to decode the gif.  In a future release I plan on optimising the decoding as it's not too fast.

To use the tool, add one or more animated gifs and click go...

Use the shape drop-down to determine how you'd like the animations written to the output image;  you get a choice of wide, tall or square.

When working, the application shows progress with the following screen:

When done, the resulting bitmap is saved to the Windows temporary directory and displayed.

I've included the binary and the source code.  This application requires .NET Framework 2.0.  The source code includes a Visual Studio 2005 solution which also opens in XNA Game Studio Express.