Interior Remodels

This project was some thing special.  
We took a 100+ year old building in downtown Johnson City and gutted it wall to wall.
The owner was looking for a wide open modern feeling loft.  
And this is what we came up with.

The cabinetry and flooring was all solid maple that contrasted the 100 year old red brick beautifully. 
I had stainless counters fabricated and installed them with an all stainless appliance package.

Maple flooring 2"/3"/2"/4" repeating pattern to give 
a more classic look to the space.

The Stainless & cable hand rail and exposed HVAC ducts really made an outstanding accent.

The loft had a small guest bedroom and guest bath with laundry space.
We utilized a tankless water heater for space and created a shallow custom crafted shower/tub for the guest bath.

The master bedroom was about 24x24 with 14' tall ceilings.  

Just inside the Master Bathroom was a freestanding "Lotus" tub with waterfall filler valve
and custom tiled bath shelf

As you enter the master bath and turn to the right is an elevated tiled platform 
with heated floors and heated towel rack. 
The double vanity was created out of a wooden carpenters bench

Make your way around the double sinks and you enter a 7' x 14' shower

The secret to a project like this I feel is the investment of time with the customer
talking about what they truly want the space to look and feel like.  
Over a period of a few months, we were able to develop a plan to 
create one of the most interesting living spaces I have ever been in.

Please contact me and let's talk about your project and 
let's work together to make your dreams come true.