Remodeler Vs Contractor

There are many qualified contractors in the world, but I would like to raise a comparison between two subcategories of this group.  When a conventional contractor takes on the task of building say a spec home, he begins building and often completes his task from the position of "Owner".  

Now the remodeling contractor on the other hand, begins and ends his work in the clear understanding that he is in someone else's "Home".  This nuance in position makes a huge difference.  From the beginning the decision is the customers.  As to what will be done, what products to utilize and essentially is the owner satisfied in the end.  

I have often seen where a contractor is frustrated because, "the homeowner chose the wrong product, or didn't understand something pivotal to the success of the project".   The blame with many contractors lies in the homeowner.  For a seasoned remodeler, it is the first and most important task to seek out the details of the task at hand.  Work with the owner to define the scope and expectation.  Assist in selecting materials that will achieve the expectation defined, and then nearly last thing, perform the task.  I know that if I have done my job in the beginning, there should be no reason why the customer is unhappy at the end.  Now sure, problems and surprises may come up along the way that sours the project, but if handled with respect toward the owner along the way, the outcome will be satisfaction.  


I have spent nearly my entire working career performing this critical process.  Define the scope, recommend a solution, and ensure that the process is completed professionally.  If you are considering hiring a contractor, pay close attention to the way the contractor defines the project. Does he ask what the space is intended for?  Does he clarify the expectation of the products selected? Does he treat you as the boss and owner?