Plaster Repair

We can do small or large repairs to plaster walls and ceilings.

Cracks in walls, around windows and doors, are often caused by movement in the house, whether seasonal expansion and contraction or long term settlement. These cracks will usually reappear if just skimmed over with Spackle.

Fiberglass tape embedded in several coats of plaster will provide the longest-term solution. Cracks in ceilings also benefit from fiberglass tape. 

Small areas of loose, crumbling plaster can often be scraped down to solid plaster and patched. Larger areas may need to be completely removed and patched with sheetrock cut to fit, then skimmed over with plaster and sanded smooth.

Entire walls and ceilings that are rough, damaged, or peeling, can be skim coated with plaster, and sanded smooth, if the substrate is sound. Otherwise, new sheetrock may need to be installed.

When sanding areas of repaired plaster, we use sanders attached to a HEPA vacuum to remove dust at the source. We will also put up plastic barriers and/or cover furniture with plastic if there is any risk of dust dispersion.