We were amazed at the number of senior "C" level business executives who held untenable myths about the internet and in particular about their websites and emails that we wrote and published a special article. You might find it useful. Just click on the link - Who Really Owns your Website and Email?
We are Verbal Identity and Internet Publicity consultants assisting and advising clients in a wide range of industries, from Millionaire Clubs to Relaxology Centers. We help build and promote our client's brands and businesses over the Internet.
Corporate and product identity management generally consists of both visual
and verbal identity elements.
Visual identity elements consists of:-
  • Company Logo
  • Product Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Fonts etc.
Verbal identity elements consists of:-
  • Company Name and Tag Line
  • Product Naming Scheme
  • Category Definition
  • Messaging Framework 
Internet Publicity 
If you don't already know it, the Internet has now become the most powerful medium to let your potential customers and the world know who and what you are. The Internet is in fact the most cost effective medium through which your story can be told to millions worldwide. You can now let your existing customers, potential customers and the world at large know who and what you are...in a way you want to be known. See a sample of our client's published stories...
However, you should know that the average new media or traditional media journalist is bombarded with hundreds of press releases every day. You therefore have only a very limited chance to make your story stand out from the crowd.  
Here's how we can help get your message across. In order for your information to get the maximum amount of exposure, it must first of all be newsworthy. A well-written release reads like a news story, not an advertisement. The headline must announce something new and interesting. Some examples of this may include: 
  • some surprising research or survey results,
  • the launch of a new service,
  • a protest rally or vigil,
  • a court victory,
  • a public meeting or convention,
  • a political endorsement,
  • the receipt of an award,
  • some key personnel changes etc.

Remember that editors of both online and traditional media want press releases that they can use to write compelling and timely stories that their audience want to read. When an editor knows that he can trust you to supply her with newsworthy stories, she’ll be more likely to read and use your press releases.

If your press releases are not getting picked up by editors, it’s very likely that either your story in not written with relevance to your intended audience, isn't being understood by the journalists who receive them or is not being distributed through the right channels. 
So let us advise you on the right Verbal Identity and Internet Publicity Strategies for you. Let the world know you better. Contact us...