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Bid Writing and Support

There's only one opportunity to get it right

Having prepared and assessed many pre-qualification and tender documents we know that many PQQ and Bid Submissions fail to score top marks because of very simple mistakes and oversights made in them in particular many of the answers fail to address the question.

With our knowledge and skills we can help you prepare and write your PQQ and Bid Submissions and present them in the most advantageous way that will help you score highly in any PQQ and Tender assessment.

We can help identify the key criteria; those on which you should concentrate your efforts in answering fully, also we can help with the planning and bid management if you do not have a dedicated resource to do this.
With our specialist knowledge of the NEC and other forms of contract we can particularly help you answer any questions on these topics helping to ensure that you address and answer the questions comprehensively and correctly.

Finally we can review the final draft of any submission before it is submitted to help ensure that it is grammatically correct and without simple mistakes such as misspellings and formatting errors.