NEC3 Contract Training

NEC3 Training Advice and Support - (CITB Registered)

Steve Brown has been at the forefront of the use of the New Engineering Contracts (NEC3) from their introduction in 1993 through to the latest 3rd edition (NEC3) and has gained experience procuring and administrating all six main options of the Engineering & Construction Contract & Subcontract (ECC), all 4 main options of the Professional Services Contract (PSC), the Short Contract and Subcontract, the Term Services Contract and the Framework Contract and he is also still advising and procuring under the 2nd Edition of the NEC3 suite.

Steve Brown & Associates facilitate workshops and seminars on the NEC3 suite of contracts with specific half day or full day workshops for all the contracts referred to above. The workshops and training modules are compiled and based on our experiences gained since 1993 together with the most up to date information from the NEC User Group and other forums.

Steve has considerable experience of the NEC having worked with it since 1993; he has also written a number of articles for the NEC User Group which have been published in their Newsletter and has given training seminars to a number of major Clients around the UK including;

  • the Strategic Investment Board of Northern Ireland,

  • the Northern Ireland Civil Service,

  • Antirm Borough Council,
  • OVIVO Water,
  • HBE Risk Management,
  • Graham Construction,
  • GEDA Construction,
  • London Underground Ltd,

  • the National Grid,

  • Thames Water,

  • UKAEA,

  • City of London College,

  • Alstom.

Our workshops and seminars contain:

  • practical guides on the procurement and administration of all the contracts in the NEC3 suite

  • helpful hints along with sample pro-forma templates for the various contractual notices required under each of the contracts

  • help with the preparation and audit of Actual/Defined Cost.

Our full day workshop can include delegate participation in a two-hour assimilation of the administration of a project, including;

  • programming issues,

  • issuing and dealing with early warnings

  • issuing compensation event notifications and quotations,

  • preparing and checking payment assessments.

Our workshops and seminars can be tailored to suit the needs and specific contract terms and conditions of the Client, whether they are an Employer, Contractor, or Subcontractor, and also to any one of the contracts contained in the NEC suite or any one particular option of an individual contract or to suit a specific project.

All of our workshops and seminars are accompanied by a full set of handouts including a copy of the presentation and examples used.

The seminars are aligned to the NEC3 however for Clients using the NEC2 the seminars are easily adapted to suit and we are CITB Registered.

Finally we find that our seminars and workshops can often provide excellent team building opportunities and help plant the seed of mutual trust and co-operation especially if given before or early on in a project.

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