When Beit Carr  just isn't enough Steve to make your day wonderful

Stuff I noticed that I don't want to blog about 

Chris Henry?!?! This Bengal can't be more dumb. I'm pretty sure Marvin wants to release him but has to see if he can get around a Player Association greivance.

Saw Jarheads and Wedding Crashers this weekend. Both were a little two raunchy for my liking.

I like living in the city. 'Just thought you should know.

Why an outhouse? 

Because sometimes that Taco Bell does a number on your system.

Reds Update

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? When I last updated the outhouse, I was excited about the team after being in depair of another blown season. Since then the Reds have sucked like a Hoover and are once again in danger of futility. A win against the Mets in game 1 of their series is a good start to get back on track.

Television Update

It's all about sports. Despite the Reds recent woes, I'm glad I can watch almost all their games on television. Then there's Monday night's game seven of the Stanley Cup Final, what's sure to be Thrusday's game seven of the NBA Final and my daily fill of World Cup action. Can the US even score a goal?

Website To Check Out: 

THE FOLLOWING IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!! How far are we to go in making the gospel relevant? Apparently this television preacher thinks we should go as far to unleash some Samuel L. Jackson on people. Check out this video of a preacher dropping some inappropriate words while sharing The Word. LIKE I SAID, THIS IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY BECAUSE OF FOUL LANGUAGE.

Coming down the driveway

Soccer Playoffs This Weekend: I'm done playing indoor for the summer. Now it's a chance to see if we can advance in the playoffs of my outdoor league.

NACC : The North American Christian Convention is our gathering for churches who are undenominationally denominational.

July 4th: It's about two weeks away. How crazy is that?