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Stev has no siblings and relied on an Atari 7800 to keep him company during his childhood in suburban Ohio. In college, Stev and Aaron would regularly waste hours shooting people in the head. Stev now lives in San Diego, where he is finishing his MS in anthropology. His thesis has nothing to do with video games, but if it did, he'd work on it more. He likes to publish on Mondays.




Aaron considers himself a casual gamer at best, yet still has an almost evangelical belief in the future potential of video games. Raised outside of DC, he and his brother played games on everything from a Texas Instruments PC to the NES to the Super Nintendo to the PS1 until his brother took the consoles to college with him. He earned his BA in English from the College of William and Mary. He also writes and draws in his free time. As you can imagine, his interest in video games, computers, obscure comics, and pretentious intellectualism makes him a devil with the ladies.

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