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posted Feb 5, 2011, 11:43 AM by Joel Davis
                                                       February 7, 2011
Hi everyone,

Here are a few of the things we’re working on as a chapter in the upcoming semester, and what we’ve worked on this fall.  We’ll send out another update in two weeks.  In the meantime, you can find all sorts of good information on our website,https://sites.google.com/site/stetsonfacultyunited/, and you can discuss matters off of Stetson University’s e-mail servers at the SFU google group, here:http://groups.google.com/group/stetson-faculty-united/topics.  Please e-mail or call or buttonhole us and other members if you’ve got something on your mind.


* Please welcome our 62nd member, Barbara Costello of the Library!

* Saturday January 30, chapter President Bill Nylen met with Library faculty.

* April 23 we will host the first annual Florida AAUP conference, open to AAUP members statewide, and focused on us, Rollins, and Florida Memorial University.  Stay tuned for more info.

* Faculty Handbook: The Faculty Handbook needs to be rewritten to bring faculty into the decision-making process (rather than freezing us out of decision-making but making us liable for a bunch of unpaid administrative work).  Handbook revisions are the purview of the Faculty Senate, so we sponsored a motion to draft the revised handbook by the April Senate meeting.  In response, the Senate Executive Committee expanded the Handbook committee to eight members but refused to commit to a timeline.  Faculty Handbook Committe members are Megan O’Neill (mboneill@stetson.edu), Rick Copeland (rcopelan@stetson.edu, George Glander (gglander@stetson.edu), Chris Tobler (ctobler@stetson.edu), Gary Maris (gmaris@stetson.edu), Ann Small (asmall@stetson.edu), Harry Price (hprice@stetson.edu), and Barbara Costello (barbara.costello@earthlink.net).  They included only one AAUP member (before Barbara Costello joined us). Because half the Faculty Senate belongs to AAUP, we are underrepresented by two members on the committee, but at least our representatives are strong ones.  You can find Faculty Handbook information here, (https://sites.google.com/site/stetsonfacultyunited/faculty-handbooks) and your messages to Senators concerning the handbook would be appreciated.  If you can recruit one of the Handbook Committee members into AAUP, all the better.

* Accountability Measures: We’re drafting a document that requests concrete performance benchmarks from the administration.  The administration has committed to increase enrollment on the DeLand campus to 3000 students and to decrease the student-to-faculty ration to 15:1, but it has not committed to any concrete compensation, facilities, academic program funding, or academic quality benchmarks.  Our document seeks concrete commitments and timelines in these areas, so that we can hold the administration accountable for its performance.  We want the Faculty Senate to approve the document and send it as an open letter to the administration.  Prior to the January 24 Senate meeting, however, the Senate Executive Committee chose to put our request at the end of the agenda, so we will have to wait for next month’s Senate meeting to get our motion on the floor.

* Member Gary Oliphant has been the lead writer for and will administer the 2011 Faculty Satisfaction Survey through the Senate.  Survey numbers will be reported to the Senate and will be available immediately to any faculty member, so when you receive the survey, it will be worth your time to complete it.   For the faculty to gain a voice in the governance of the university, we have to generate our own data rather than request it from the administration, which we’re doing with this survey.

*  Speaking of compensation, how much is our low pay costing you? If you start out underpaid by $10K a year for a decade, you’ll lose $184K; if underpaid by $15K/year, you’ll lose $270K.  If you start out underpaid by $15k/year for 20 years, you lose over $900,000.  Here are the numbers.
* These numbers understate your losses.  They assume you get a 2.5% raise per year, SU contributes 10% to your retirement, your retirement averages a 6% annual return, and that, were you paid fairly, you’d spend the extra salary & not invest or save any of it.

Stay tuned...   JBD