Salary Data for Comparisons

compared to a table adjusted for an estimated DeLand area Cost of Living index of 93 (in red), based on March 2011 National Salary survey.

March 2011 Chronicle of Higher Ed National Salary Survey, by rank and discipline

Cost of Living Index by MSA from Kiplinger Magazine May 2010, derived from US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  ***UPDATE:  Daytona/Deltona area is listed as 100, but I think that's because the chart assigns a 100 value to all areas that are lacking data.  Given the Orlando and Jacksonville MSAs COL and salary data, I'd guess Daytona/Deltona's real Cost of Living index would be between 93 and 95.  

Stetson Salaries 2008-09 by school (does not include Law School):
If you're having difficulty accessing this, go back to the original link, or check your e-mail for the Excel file. At this juncture, I cannot make this 100% public.

Stetson is in Group B (bottom of document)