Objectives and guide to this site

Welcome to the web site for the Stetson Faculty United chapter of the American Association of University Professors.  To join our chapter, follow this link to the AAUP site and click the Join link there.

We have come together to advocate for three things:
  1. Fair compensation and benefits for all faculty including retirees, with mechanisms of faculty oversight to keep our compensation fair in the future.
  2. Transparent administration.
  3. Faculty participation in the governance of the University and in the development of University policy

Questions, comments, ideas, discussions? Please click here to reach our open discussion board

To your left, the Liasons link takes you a list of Stetson committees with whom we're establishing relationships & what we hope to accomplish; please leave leave comments and suggestions about liasons.

The Main Agenda Items link takes you to the goals around which we banded together, and to notes on progress toward those goals.  Again, please leave comments and suggestions.

The Useful Documents link takes you to meeting minutes, a list of members & officers, our bylaws, to resources for building and maintaining a strong chapter, and to advice for advocacy chapters like ours on negotiating better faculty compensation.