Faculty Handbooks

Stetson Faculty Bylaws  (last revised 2005)          Stetson Policies and Procedures Manual  (most current version)

Fairfield University Faculty Handbook  (AAUP recommends this as a model)
Wake Forest University Faculty Handbook  (includes a law school should ours compass the law school)

(The language itself is toward the bottom of the page)

Note a couple obvious ways in which Fairfield's document empowers the faculty: the Academic Council, which serves as the executive branch of the faculty at large and consists of elected faculty members, deans, and the academic VP; and the Committee on Committees, which, with the Academic Council, coordinates elections to committee positions and makes some appointments to committees (that way nor the academic VP nor any dean can stack committees by fiat).

Compare the above with our way of appointing committees, in the Faculty Bylaws Article 7: “7.2. University Faculty committees, task forces, councils are appointed by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, the Council of Deans, the Chair of the Diversity Council, and the Chair of the Women’s Council.”