1- Circle Map

The Circle Map is the first map introduced to students. This map is used for Brainstorming or Defining in Context. You will see a smaller circle within a larger circle surrounded by a square. The inner circle contains the item to be defined. Words or phrases used to define this item are placed in the outer circle. The square surrounding is for the "frame of reference" or how do you know this information, what source or influence. A frame of reference can be used with any of the maps.
The following are examples of how teachers used the Circle Map in the classroom:
  • I gave 6th-8th the example of "Sentence" (inner circle) with the outer circle including:  subject, compounds, predicate, complement, end mark, capitalize, verb, noun, indirect object, adjective, direct object.  The influences include:  textbook, practice, previous teachers, notes, and workbook. 
  • God - we made a circle map describing/ defining God and how we know what we know about God.
  • "On the first day of school, we did a circle map to list where we have rules in the school and who tells us about the rules. We did this on chart paper as a class.
  • We are using it as an all about me lesson.  They will draw themselves in the center circle.  They will draw things about themselves in the outer circle, and draw who infuences them in the outer rectangle."
Below are pictures of some of the Circle Maps that students and their teachers at St. Elizabeth of Hungary created:



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