Spyros Terovitis

Contact Details

S.terovitis @@@ uva.nl
Amsterdam Business School,  Finance Group, 1018TV, Room M3.04 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Assistant Professor in Finance, 

Finance Group, University of Amsterdam.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Warwick


Research Interests

I am an applied theorist and my  research interests regard issues related to information asymmetries 
which manifest themselves in a variety of corporate finance, and financial economics topics.

My ongoing projects focus on: 
  • design of security-based crowdfunding platforms
  • provision of incentives to experts
  • investigation of the impact of credit rating agencies  on capital markets
  • design of financial securities by privately-informed borrowing parties
  • managing of information disclosure in financial markets
  • exploring of the impact of the degree of heterogeneity on clustering of Hedge funds' defaults
In general, the fields of my research interest are:
        • Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation
        • Information Acquisition & Disclosure, Contract Theory